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Testosterone, also known as the male sex hormone, equates with male sexual vitality and all things masculine. A lack of testosterone, or too much of it, can wreak havoc in the body. Testosterone levels in men over 40 naturally begin to reduce, leading to a feeling of lower quality of life.

Symptoms caused by a deficiency in testosterone include loss of sexual desire, low energy levels, sleeplessness, decreased muscle tone and increased body fat, irritability, loss of enthusiasm for everyday life, loss of stamina, symptoms of depression, low performance at work, and many other symptoms. Most of these symptoms go undiagnosed and untreated for years. All of these symptoms are easy to alleviate with testosterone therapy.

Half to two-thirds of men suffering from low testosterone report the symptoms and are able to take advantage of the treatments available. Most of the time, the symptoms of low testosterone are mistaken for symptoms caused by other serious conditions. These misdiagnosed conditions lead to wrong and ineffective treatment. It takes just one visit to Amazing Weight Loss & Wellness in Flower Mound, TX and a simple PSA test to detect if you are suffering from low testosterone levels.

If your test reveals that your testosterone levels are lower than 300 nano-grams per deciliter of blood, we will recommend same-day testosterone therapy. This is a simple process and comes in many forms, including testosterone injections, trans-dermal testosterone patches, oral testosterone, testosterone implants, testosterone gel, and testosterone cream.

Most patients begin to experience improvement after their first dose. Get your symptoms diagnosed and treated in time to live a healthy life once again. Why live with a disorder when we are here to help you overcome it?

Visit us at Amazing Weight Loss & Wellness, located in Flower Mound, TX, and our professionals will decide which testosterone therapy is ideal for you.

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